Through the application, the User can access the purchase of tickets for the Mobile Lunch Barcelona event (the “event”), which will be available on the website

  1. Organizer

The organizer of the event is the Fundació Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation (hereinafter, “MWCB”), with address in Barcelona (08018), Roc Boronat Street, 117, 3rd floor. MWCB is duly registered in the Registry of Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya with the number 2.717 and NIF G-65760431.

  1. Ticket modalities

The User may register for the event in any of the following modalities:

General Ticket: in the event that an individual User (either personally or in response to the position held in your company), is registered directly.

Discount ticket: in the event that a User is associated with one of the MWCB collaborating entities at the event, in which case they will have a discount code provided by the corresponding association.

  1. Price, expenses, and taxes

In the page dedicated to the event will be detailed and disaggregated the prices of tickets, the applicable taxes and any other information that provides the User with a detailed information of the total amount of your purchase.

  1. Payment method

The payment of the ticket will be made with a bank card or other alternative means of payment that are indicated in each specific offer. All means of payment are managed through high-security banking systems.

  1. Withdrawal of the purchase

The User has a period of 14 working days to cancel the purchase made from the moment he receives confirmation of it. To proceed with this withdrawal, you must inform that you will proceed to cancel your purchase, by sending an email to, within that period of fourteen working days enclosing, duly completed, the withdrawal document that it is provided below:

Withdrawal form: (You only have to fill in and send this form if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

Attention to (here you must insert the name of the employer, your full address and, if you have them, your fax number and your email address):
I hereby communicate that I give up my/we desist from our contract of sale of the following good/benefit of the following service
Order the / Received the
Name of the consumer and user or consumers and users
Domicile of the consumer and user or consumers and users
Signature of the consumer and user or consumers and users (only if this form is presented on paper)

In case of not exercising their right of withdrawal, the User will be subject to the cancellation rules described below.


  1. Cancellation policy

In the event that a User wishes to cancel their registration, they must notify the cancellation in writing, at least 14 working days before the event, in order to be entitled to a refund of the total amount paid. Between 7 and 14 business days before the event, only 50% of the total paid amount will be refunded. Cancellations made outside these deadlines will not be entitled to any refund.

The cancellation of the registration to the event, as well as the non-attendance, imply the loss of rights regarding the benefits linked to the event, including access to Mobile World Congress.

In the event that the event is canceled at the initiative of MWCB or the third parties with whom it collaborates, the User will be entitled to the full refund of the amounts paid.


  1. Additional conditions

a) MWCB is not responsible for the expenses incurred in terms of travel or other related, under any circumstance, for attendance at the event. Participants should consider the possibility of purchasing a travel cancellation insurance to cover the exceptional case of cancellation of the same or in case of not being able to attend for personal or professional reasons.

b) The inscriptions will be confirmed by e-mail. It is essential to pay the ticket payment before attending the event.

c) Places are limited and reserved by strict order of registration.

d) MWCB reserves the right to add, modify or replace the venue, the speakers and/or the scheduled agenda, in which case it will be communicated by an electronic notification to the email of each one of the attendants if it is considered relevant, 7 days skilled before the start of the event. In this case, the User may request the reimbursement of the amounts paid if he does not agree with the changes made by MWCB, and so he communicates it by writing to MWCB.

e) In case of cancellation of the event for any reason, MWCB will have a term of 30 working days from the date of notification to the attendees to return the total amount of the ticket.

  1. Contractual information

Without prejudice to all the information you will find in each specific offer on the specific characteristics of each product, prices, typology and delivery costs and other relevant information about the products you wish to purchase, we also supply you with the following information:

Procedures for the conclusion of the contract and correction of errors

Our portal includes detailed information on the different procedures and steps to be followed for the purchase of our products and for the conclusion of the online contract. The mentioned procedures will allow the User, at all times, to correct the errors detected, before confirming their online order.

If you have any questions, you can direct your inquiries to

File of the electronic document

MWCB files the electronic documents and records through which the purchases made by the Users are materialized. These documents and electronic records are not available to buyers, given that Users will receive documentary confirmation of the purchase by email.

Subsequent confirmation by email

Within a maximum period of 24 hours from the moment you ordered your ticket through the application, the confirmation of your order, including the complete description of the order or purchase, the invoice and the link to these general conditions will be sent to the User’s email address.

The User may print or save on his computer or device a copy of his order and these contractual conditions.

  1. Privacy Policy and Use of the Image

The acceptance of these Terms of Use is associated with the acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

The event is the subject of an audiovisual recording for the promotion and dissemination of MWCB’s activities through any modality or support that MWCB deems appropriate, without geographical, temporal or other limitations. For this reason, your participation as a speaker implies the authorization for the use of your image and/or voice, its reproduction or fixation, in whole or in part, audiovisual, video-graphic, photographic or paper, among other forms, for the promotional purposes of MWCB indicated above. The authorization granted here will be free of charge. MWCB is not responsible for the opinions expressed in the mentioned recordings.

If you do not want your image or voice to be recorded, please send us an email to before proceeding with your registration, taking into account that such opposition to the use of image or voice may entail that MWCB does not accept your registration request.

  1. Contact

If you want some additional information, you can contact us through the number 935.157.359 or the email